Clint Small, Jr. Middle School

World Languages

Taking a World Language in middle school is an exciting adventure for most students! It allows the middle school student plenty of time to explore the language, culture, and history and to develop a strong foundation of the language studied. For 2018-2019 and beyond, Small MS students will have the opportunity to start a World Language for high school credit starting in grade 6, earning 3 high school credits during the middle level years. Determining when to start a World Language for high school credit is a family decision and students are strongly encouraged to continue a World Language through grade 12, becoming biliterate in a language other than English.


Students are introduced to the languages of Spanish, Latin, & American Sign Language - the languages currently taught at Small.


Time travel to the days of togas, chariot races, gladiators, Jupiter, Juno, Hercules, Medusa, eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, and much more. As you study the Latin language, you will explore Roman culture, history, mythology, and more. Latin is your key to the past as well as your key to your future. The study of Latin will stay with you forever. You will meet the Romans in common expressions, in English vocabulary, in building styles, in other languages, in literature, in the names of plants, animals, and spacecraft, on coins and state seals, in footnotes, on college diplomas, on SAT's, and the list goes on!


More than 360 Million people in 30 countries and territories around the world speak Spanish. Learning vocabulary in Spanish can help you learn new words and their meanings in English. Taking Spanish provides you with the opportunity to learn about the culture of the Spanish-speaking world through literature, art, videos, and music. By starting Spanish at the middle school level, you can begin working toward a life-long ability that will allow you to communicate in a beautiful, rich and useful language.