Clint Small, Jr. Middle School

Health Room


                Small Middle School Health Room 

                                                   School Nurse: Kathy Stanton      


           Health room phone: (512) 841-6716          Health room Fax: (512) 841-6745                       



 It is never too early to start preparing for the begining of the 2017-2018 school year.  Now is a good time to make sure your children are up to date with their immunizations.  Students entering 7th grade will need to have a Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis) within the past 5 years and a Meningococcal vaccine (meningitis). Vaccinate your child now to avoid the last minute rush in August. Having your child up to date will also avoid them from being excluded from school on the first day of school. All students need to be up to date by the end of the first week of school in August or they will be excluded from school per state law and AISD policy- Texas Education Code, Health and Safety Chapter, Section 38.0001.

 Resources (non-insured clinics)                                              Immunization Requirments                        

 School immunization Exemption Information




  Health Room Referral Guidelines                                      Medication Forms

 1.) Health Room Guidelines                                                           1.) Parent Authorization for Medications   

                                                                                                       2.) Asthma Packet with nebulizer orders

                                                                                                        3.) Asthma Packet without nebulizer orders

                                                                                                        4.) Allergy/ Anaphylaxis Packet

                                                                                                        5.) Seizure Packet

                                                                                                        6.) Diabetes Packet




                                                                                                                                        Pink Eye Protocol        

Fever Protocol                                                                                                        Pink Eye Information/ Protocol 

Fever Information/Protocol                                                                                                              





1.) When turning in ANY medical paperwork, we ask that you please turn in paperwork to the health room directly to make sure items do not get lost.

2.) In order for your child to have medication in the health room or at school a Parent Authorization Medication Form will need to filled out and signed. *Over the counter medications will be sent home in two weeks unless doctors note is submitted* *Medication must be in orginal bottle with legible instructions*

3.) Asthma, Allergy and Seizure packets MUST have doctors signatures in order for medications to be administered and stay in the health room.  All students that self carry inhalers needs the paperwork completed and a doctors signature approving the student to self carry. 

4.) If your child is going home ill, the student will need to be picked up within an hour due to the high volume of students that come to the health room.