Clint Small, Jr. Middle School


How to Apply to Small


Do you live in the Small Attendance Zone? 

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GREAT! You are a CSMS Neighbor!

Since you live in our attendance zone, you are automatically eligible to join our Green Tech Academy. There is no need to go through the  application process, just be sure to specify your commitment to Green, Tech or Both (green and tech) when you fill out your choice sheet in January. 

you don’t live in our attendance zone?

No problem. We have a couple of ways for you to become a Clint Small Cougar and participate in our Green Tech program. 

  • Priority Transfer
  • Curriculum Transfer
  • Dual Language Transfer
  • General Transfer

Let’s take a closer look at those options

Priority Transfer

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There are 3 Priority Transfer options

  • Sibling
  • Minority to Majority
  • Tracking

You can put in an application for a Priority transfer if you have a sibling that will also go to Small the same year, You qualify for a minority to majority transfer, or you have been in one of the schools that Track to Small for the last 2 years. 

This transfer is done through the district office of student data management and has a deadline of January 31st, 2023. If you are approved for this transfer you will be considered similar to a student who lives in the neighborhood and is eligible for our Green Tech Academy. There is no need to apply if you are approved for a Priority Transfer. 

Curriculum Transfer

Green Tech and Dual Language

A Curriculum transfer is for ANY student who does not live in our attendance zone and would like to attend Small Middle school specifically for our Green Tech Academy or Dual Language programs. 

This requires:

Students get accepted based on a point system that includes grades, Teacher Recommendations, and Essay Score.

General Transfer

General Transfers are for any students who want to attend Small Middle School. They are the last ones looked at after Priority and Curriculum. If there is still room, we will pull in students through a General Transfer. You do not have to do the application and essay, but you will be on a waitlist until a seat opens up. 

You can apply for a General Transfer through the district.


Q. Can I apply for both a Green Tech and General Transfer? 

  1. Yes, it doesn’t hurt. If for some reason you are not accepted for Green Tech, you can get in on General Transfer if there is room.  

Q. If I qualify for the Priority Transfer, should I also do the Green Tech Academy Transfer?

  1. No. If you are eligible for Priority Transfer, Apply for that. Once you are in, You can be in the Green Tech Academy by filling out the choice sheet like our Neighborhood kids. 

Q. Can I do both Green Tech Academy AND Dual Language? 

  1. Yes and No. You can be in Dual Language and take some Green Tech Classes. But, you can not be in Green Tech and take Dual Language classes.  


Q. Is there transportation to Small?

  1. <If you live in our attendance zone, and are more than 2 miles away, AISD does offer buses. But if you are a transfer student that lives outside of our attendance zone, AISD does not provide bus transportation. We have a carpool form you can fill out to try to find others in your area that come to Small. 


Q. If I am approved for a Transfer to Small can I follow my friends to their High School?

  1. No, Your transfer is good for the 3 years at Small. If you want to go to a high school that is not your “home” school, then you must put in another transfer request to the new school..