Clint Small, Jr. Middle School



The application to apply to our Green Tech Academy opens on October 19th, 2020 – February 5th, 2021.

Applicants who are accepted to the CSMS Green Tech Academy on curriculum transfer must provide their own transportation. Our school is on the Capital Metro 311 and 5 bus routes.

If you submit a transfer request for a priority or general transfer prior to applying to this program, acceptance into this program will supersede an approved priority or general transfer.


Important Question: Do you live in Small Middle School Attendance boundaries? The application is only for students who live OUTSIDE the Small attendance area. Please DO NOT complete an application if you live within the Small attendance zone.

STEP 1: Did you fill out your intent to apply to SmallThis tells AISD that you would like to go to a school other than your home school next year. 
  • Yes – Go to Step 2
  • No – go to
    • If you have a former or existing AISD Student, Click the magnify glass and type in “AISD Intent to apply”. Follow the instructions.
    • If you are new, or are having trouble creating or logging in to the parent Cloud account, go to Click here for instructions – or call 512-414-9187
Step 2: Fill out the Green Tech Academy application at DEADLINE February 5th, 2021. This let’s Small Middle School know that you are applying to our Green Tech Academy and allows you to sign up for the Essay and get the link for the Recommnedations.

Current Austin ISD Students: By submitting the online application form you give permission for our staff to access your report card grades directly from AISD’s Information System.

Non-AISD students: Your most recent semester report card grades must be submitted to Small before the application deadline.

Step 3: Be prepared for your essay link on the date you specify this on the application.

Step 4: Be sure to email your Recommendation link (found in the online application) to 2 adults and make sure they know they must have them done by February 5th. 

That's It, You're Done, you have now applied to the Green Tech Academy at Small Middle School. 
We will send acceptance letters on March 12th. You must accept us back by March 26th or your spot will be given away to the waitlist. 

To submit a paper copy of the application, please download this document (link coming soon), print, complete, and submit. You may submit via email to, or hand deliver to our front office. You will still need to complete the AISD Intent to Apply form via the Parent Cloud.