Clint Small, Jr. Middle School

CAT Days

Cougar Adventure Time (CAT)

Cat Days are on the calendar for 11/17/23 and 5/17/23 this year!

What is Cougar Adventure time?

Here at Small we pride ourselves on creating a fun and inclusive envronment. We like to take about 4 days out of the school year to do just that.

We ask the teachers to choose any subject that they would love to teach the kids. Last year they picked things like

  • Pickle Ball
  • Dungens and Dragons
  • Clay Art
  • Relaxing drawing\coloring
  • Jewlery making
  • Consperacy Theories
  • 80S Trivia
  • Minecraft
  • Volleyball
  • Theatre Make up art
  • Cupcake decorating
  • Math Tricks
  • Astronomy
  • Bullit journaling
  • Astrology
  • Badmitten
  • Party Dance
  • Tamale Making
  • Board Games
  • much much more.

These are things the teachers had passon for. Then we let the kids pick what classes they are most interested in learning, they got to pick 3. The result was amazing. We had teachers building relationships with kids they didn't have a chance to teach, like minded kids meeting others with the same interests and fun being had by all.