Clint Small, Jr. Middle School


Attendance is a major focus for AISD and CSMS. If students are not in class, we cannot instruct them and they cannot learn. In an effort to create a system to correctly track our absences, the district has implemented the school messenger attendance calling system. Absences will be reported to parents through an automated phone call each night. If you feel an absence is an error, please contact Julio Guerra, our attendance clerk, at 512-841-6702 or by email 

If you need to pick-up your student before the end of the school day, you can send a note with the student to the main office before school starts. At that time, the student will be issued a "permit to leave" class. The parent still needs to meet the student in the main office at the time stated on the permit. If a student arrives late to school, he/she must check-in through the main office and be issued a "permit to enter."

When a student is on a Field Trip, Mr. Guerra will make corrections to students attendance after he receives the list of students that actually attended the trip. This may take 1-2 days before you see the correction. As soon as he receives the list of students, he will promptly make the corrections to your student's attendance. You will be able to see this change on their attendance with the following code "FLD".

Parents can also track attendance through the Parent Cloud, we highly recommend creating an account.

We thank you in advance for the attention you give in your cougars attendance.

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