Clint Small, Jr. Middle School

Dual Language

Sixth graders enrolled in the Dual Language Program beginning in August 2016 will take the following courses:

1. World Cultures in Spanish
2. Math in English
3. Science in English
4. English Language Arts & Reading
5. Spanish for Spanish Speakers (one high school credit)
6. PE or Dance for the year in English
7. An elective Reading or Math Class (or other elective) in English
8. Elective in any area: Green Tech Academy, Special Programs, Fine Arts in English

An additional grade level will be added each year. Students will continue with three years of required Social Studies in Spanish. An elective offering in Spanish may be added in the future. In 7th grade, students continue with the second year of Spanish for Spanish Speakers earning a second high school credit. In 8th grade students will take AP Spanish Language and Culture and be eligible to take the Spanish AP Exam. For questions about the program, contact the Counseling Center at (512) 841-6710. We are thrilled to have the program at Small MS Green Tech Academy.

Please see more specific information about the Dual Language Enrollment in the packets attached below.