Clint Small, Jr. Middle School


Attendance and remote learning


Hello Cougar Family !
My name is Bettina Schmitz and I am your Attendance Clerk @ Small Middle School, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at, or call my line directly 512- 841-6702
A few informational points to make:
For a student o be marked RL (Remote Learning), the student must engage with Teachers course, through assignments, emails, check in google forms and/or Exit Tickets, depending on the teacher. 
Teachers must take Attendance throughout the day with all periods to be posted by 3:30 pm, reason why it is best students check in with all their class periods at the start of their class periods, so they can be counted "RL" or "P".  Otherwise, they may be marked UNX, in which case your student, will have to reach out to his/her teacher to update their Attendance Record, as they hold the proof of engagement.
If you have a "Doctor's Excuse" to turn in,  please take a picture or scan and email to me, 
Thank you for making sure you are checking in and being up to date with your Attendance.  Everyday counts!


For more information check out the attendance videos below. 


More information about Remote Learning Attendance coming soon 

If you have any questions regarding Attendace, email our Attendace Clerk Bettina Schmitz at