Clint Small, Jr. Middle School


Every day counts, school success starts with attendance

When it comes to school, students who miss school... miss out. Attendance boosts student achievement improves the quality of your child's educational experience, and it prepares them for college, good careers, and successful adulthood.

For every day of school missed, it takes two or more days for a student to catch up. Except in the case of illness, many school absences can be avoided with a little extra effort.

​- from AISD Attendance Office




NOTE: Phone calls are not required to report an absence in advance, per policy we can’t address absences in advance.

You will receive an automatic phone call out from AISD that your student was absent. 


Fill out this electronic attendance note
You can upload your doctor note here as well.


***We, DO NOT accept phone calls or voicemail messages as documentation for a student's absence.***



We do recognize, however, that perfect attendance is not always possible. Ill children should be kept at home to allow recovery and to keep other students from contracting the illness if contagious. 

If your child is absent from all or part of a school day, the student—upon arrival or return to school—must bring a note signed by the guardian or health care professional that describes the reason for the absence.  All notes should be provided within two days of returning to school.  The campus will update attendance records based on the provided documentation. 

If you have any questions about your child’s attendance record, please email

Pick up Early 

How can I request an Early Student Pick-Up for my student?

Do you need to pick up your student during the school day? No problem. We have 3 different methods that can speed up this process.


Method #1) Send your student in with a note. First thing in the morning, They should come to the main office with a note from home stating what time they will be picked up. We will exchange that note for a pass to leave class at that time. When the time comes, the student shows their teacher and then comes to the main office. They are there ready for pick up and you make your appointment on time.


Method #2) What I like to call... "Order a kid". let's say you just found out about an appointment, or forgot to send a note... No problem just click  "Student Early Pickup Request". Our front office staff will monitor the spreadsheet all day and send a note to the student to come down at the time requested.


Method #3) Call the main office as soon as you know you will need to pickup your student early for that day. Give them time to send a pass to your student to come down at the time specified. 


If method one, two or three are not used, prepare to wait up to 30 minutes for us to find your student and get them to the office.


​My student was absent from school. What should I do?

If your child is absent from all or part of a school day, the parents can go to our Attendance google form to submit\upload an attendance note. All notes should be provided within two days of returning to school.  The campus will update attendance records based on the provided documentation within 72 hours.


How does the district notify the parents/guardians and students regarding absences

Parents and guardians are notified of absences through:

  • school progress reports
  • report cards
  • warning letters
  • SchoolMessenger phone calls


My student was counted absent or tardy by the classroom teacher. What do I do?

If a student has already contacted the teacher for corrections, please allow for the change to be corrected within 7 days. Student should first check in with the teacher who counted them absent or tardy. Parent/guardian can email the teacher directly about the absence in question if no change is made within the 7 day window.


I sent in an attendance note. Why did I still receive a phone call/email/letter about my student’s attendance?

Attendance notifications are from an automated system. Even if you give advance notice or turn in a note the day of absence, it's impossible for us to beat the notification system. Every attendance note is manually entered which is why we ask parents to allow at least 72 hours for attendance changes to show in TEAMS/Parent Cloud. Feel free to disregard any automated communication if you know you've done your part to inform us about absence(s) OR use it as a reminder to send in a note if you haven’t.


What type of absences count against my students attendance

Some examples of absences that count against the 90% attendance law include, but are not limited to:

  • family trips
  • vacations
  • attendance at non-school sponsored events


What To Do If Your Child Refuses To Go To School

It is well known that the adolescent years are particularly stressful years for students and making the move from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school can bring about behaviors that were not present before. Despite this transition, you can help your child by immediately taking one or more of the following actions:

  • Check report cards for absences, low conduct marks and grades.         
  • Call the school if you think your child has been skipping school.         
  • If the school calls you, do not cover for your child to get them off the hook. This tells them that there are no consequences for breaking rules.      

Teenagers thrive with parents who care enough to enforce rules and are available to provide help when it's needed.Parents and guardians are notified of absences through: