Early Student Pick-up

Do you need to pick up your student during the school day? No problem. We have 3 different methods that can speed up this process.

Method #1) Send your student in with a note. First thing in the morning, They should come to the main office with a note from home stating what time they will be picked up. We will exchange that note for a pass to leave class at that time. When the time comes, the student shows their teacher and then comes to the main office. They are there ready for pick up and you make your appointment on time.

Method #2) What I like to call... "Order a kid". let's say you just found out about an appointment, or forgot to send a note... No problem just click "Student Early Pickup Request". Our front office staff will monitor the spreadsheet all day and send a note to the student to come down at the time requested.

Method #3) Call the main office as soon as you know you will need to pickup your student early for that day. Give them time to send a pass to your student to come down at the time specified. 

If method one, two or three are not used, prepare to wait up to 30 minutes for us to find your student and get them to the office.