Prospective Student FAQ

What time does school begin and end?

School begins at 8:20 a.m. and ends at 3:51p.m.

How early can students arrive at the school?

Due to the pandemic students may not come early to school. Doors open at 8 am for health screenings.

How do students get to and from Small?

Curriculum Transfer students are responsible for their own transportation. Many families from area elementary schools and neighborhoods will carpool.

What courses are required? How many electives may a student take? 

Each Small Middle School student takes eight classes per semester. All students take four year-long (two semester) core classes: English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Sixth graders take physical education class all year (i.e., two semesters); 7th and 8th graders take a single semester of P.E.

Required electives will be based on the Academy the student has chosen to participate in. Course sequences are available on the web page and the choice sheet.

Our school schedule is an “A” day, “B” day rotation with 4 classes meeting every other day. Each class period is 90 minutes long. Please see the bell schedule for specific times.

How many hours of homework per night can be expected?

Students may receive English and Math homework every night. There is no homework in our Green or Tech classes as they are project based and typically done at school. 

Is extra academic help available for students?

Our teachers designate at least one morning or one afternoon a week for tutoring, and they also provide extra time for students as needed. Teacher’s tutoring schedules are listed on the website and are communicated to students.

Is Physical Education (P.E.) required every year in middle school?

Yes. Students must take two semesters of physical education/functional fitness or dance/functional fitness in 6th grade. Seventh and 8th grade students must take one semester of Dance or P.E. in each grade. Athletics in 7th and 8th grade is considered credit for P.E.

What is a P.E. waiver?

A 7th or 8th grader who is interested in freeing up a class period at Small in order to take an elective other than PE may obtain a P.E. waiver by meeting the P.E. requirement outside of school. Only certain activities are allowed and providers must be registered with the district’s P.E. department. Waiver forms are processed by the district and can be downloaded from the AISD Off-Campus PHysical Education site. 

Does Small offer extracurricular activities for students?

Small offers many athletic, academic and social extracurricular activities. Seventh and 8th graders may participate in UIL football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, and track & field competitions. Small also has many clubs and an afterschool program for students wishing to extend their school day.

How will you keep us informed about school events?

We use newsletters, flyers, communication from teachers and staff, email, Twitter, and our website. Our doors are always open to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have about your student’s experience at Small. We encourage you to sign up for our weekly newsletter as well called Cougar News.

Small will communicate information to families and staff members through the use of AISD’s SchoolMessenger communications system. The system allows the district and AISD schools to send important voice-recorded phone, text or e-mail notifications informing you of everything from a campus emergency to your student’s daily attendance.