Clint Small, Jr. Middle School


 What is Splash Fest?

It is our end of year celebration/fundraiser all rolled up in one. It is big carnival with waterslides and games as well as other adventures for everyone to have crazy fun and help bring in money to start next school year off right.

What will you find at Splash Fest?

** Water Slides ** Dry interactive inflatables ** Games ** Prizes ** Raffle Items ** Food ** Fun **

How Do I participate in Splash Fest?

You can buy items separately or save some money by buying a bundle. The Big Kahuna has everything you need, but the hang ten is a great option as well. Both save you $5.00! Bundles are only available on-line. 

Or you can just buy what you need:

  • $20 - Wristbands - Unlimited Games, Booths, Inflatables and Activities
  • .50 - Concession Tickets - Needed for Concession food and drinks
  • $5 - Water Proof Phone Pouch - Big enough to hold cell phone, tickets and extra money
  • $1 - Raffle Tickets - You can purchase or win raffle tickets by playing games and doing activities. 
  • Donation - Donations will go towards gifting wristbands to students who can't afford them. (If you need financial help buying your wristband, please fill out a form in the counseling office to request a scholarship)

Look for On-line Bundles to save some money! 

Things to know about Splash Fest

Students may need cash on the day of the event if they want to buy food from the food vendors. Wristband is unlimited games, booths and inflatables, Tickets are for food concessions and Raffle tickets are to win prizes.


  • Who can come to Splash Fest? Anyone! All 6th, 7th & 8th graders are welcome we also encourage our incoming 5th graders to come. 
  • How does my student get their wristband? They can pick up their wristbands and other items during lunch the week of the festival. Or at the festival at the box office. Near the raffle prizes. 
  • What do the the kids wear? Kids can wear their bathing suits, but we ask them to have a t-shirt and shorts on. Bring a towel and sunscreen in their backpack. Wear water shoes for foot safety. 
  • What about Cell Phones? Keep their phones in their backpack, or if they want them with them, we have waterproof cell phone pouches for sale for $5.00. They are great for keeping phones safe and they are big enough to hold tickets and extra money as well. 
  • Where do they put their backpacks? We will have the students line their backpacks in the 8th grade hallway after school.
  • How can I support Splash Fest? 
    • VOLUNTEER!!! We need a lot adult supervision, sign up to volunteer today! We also need volunteers the week before to help distribute and sell wristbands. Sign up here .
    • Donate a Raffle Item: We would love to have a lot of different prizes for the kids to win. Please go to our Amazon Wishlist to donate something for the kids to win.
    • Sponsor: The less it costs for us to put on this event, the bigger the profit we can give to the clubs and school departments that participate. See our sponsor page here